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“This book was made exclusively for me. At least that’s how it feels. Because it is filled to the brim with my favourite creators. Everyone involved in this book is someone whose work I MUST have! So, to have them all behind one cover – this book is made exclusively for me.

Let’s talk about that cover! Like Sydris himself on the front there – Lauren Marshall’s work is bursting with energy. She is the best of us and her cover art here is yet another example of that.

If Shane and Kerry are Sydris’s parents then Peter Wilson is the fun uncle. I can’t think of anyone better to introduce Sydris to the world than Pete. The man behind Foes and Crimson & Rascal expertly welcomes the reader to this new and exciting character and the world he inhabits.

After the fun uncle departs, Sydris is left in the hands of the weird dude over the back fence who always has his devil’s music playing way too loud. Ryan Vella shows us just how far the other way Sydris can be taken. From Peter’s crisp lines and bright colours to Ryan’s ‘chaos reigns’ style – a better artist juxtaposition I’ve not seen.

From funcles to weird neighbours to two of the most trusted babysitters one could ask for. Haydn Spurrell and Ben Sullivan bring thrilling heroics and another unique perception of Sydris. When the story opens Sydris is already in trouble… and it only gets worse from there. Haydn and Ben offer a fun look at Sydris that leaves the reader both satisfied AND wanting more.

And just when you think you’re done – a Neale Blanden pin-up. Bonus Blanden is the best Blanden. Folks, this is what a good comic looks and reads like.”

– Rob ‘Spedsy’ Lisle of PsychoJanitor

A wonderful introduction for a hero the world needs right now

An inspirational hero from different perspectives, all with one thing in common……..FUN”

 – Beau Roth (OmniBeau) of AussieVerse

“What is a superhero to you? Is it an adolescent power fantasy? A moral and ethical ideal to aspire to? A modern day expression of our need for myth and legend? A lens through which we can see the world around us? A bit of each of those and more?

Whatever you answered, if you thought about it then this is the book for you. It takes the idea of a superhero and approaches it from every direction possible.

With multiple stories by different teams, each brings a wildy different perspective on what a superhero is, what a superhero should be, and what a superhero can be. So what’s a superhero to you? To me it’s someone who supports indy comics…”

 – Gary Proudley of Talgard

“Wonderfully weird and whimsical, Sydris Perceptions offers a funtastic twist on the superhero genre, a treat for the eyes and the intellect that delights and surprises!

 – Morgan Quaid of Super Serious Comics

“Sydris is more than a mascot – it’s a gateway to storytelling of all shapes & forms. Sydris is flexible that way. If someone wants to do cartoony or their best Frank Miller it’s an opportunity to flex whatever artistic muscles that’s the individual creator’s wheelhouse. Let’s not forget comics are fun & as Alan Moore once famously said ‘this is an imaginary tale … aren’t they all?’

 – Tad Pietrzykowski of The Dark Nebula

The first issue of ‘Sydris: Perceptions’ is here and kicking off the festivities is an exciting and dynamic cover by the magnificent Lauren Marshall. A great first impression of what is to come!

Sizzle, a massive supporter of the Australian comics scene, has been inspired to dive into the fray and create his own character named Sydris, who is many different things to many people … and this is examined in the very first story by the amazing Peter Wilson. It’s a great idea and will give many creators inspiration to take their stories in exciting and varied directions.

The second story is by the brilliant Ryan Vella, who brings unique and almost surreal stylings to Sydris’ world as said character clashes with an array of bizarre and nightmarish adversaries.

Wrapping up the issue is a story by the ever amazing Haydn Spurrell, with art by the legendary Ben Sullivan, that finds Sydris in-fighting with his superhero squad team mates – an entertaining romp that keeps you engaged throughout.

All in all, a great beginning to a fantastic series. Definitely looking forward to more issues to come.

 – Peter Lane of Skye’s Cavern Library

“SYDRIS Perceptions is a new concept from the ComX Studio, created by showrunners Sizzle & Kez.

Sydris takes the superhero formula and opens it up for creatives to exploit their creative license and drive in any direction. Consisting of three teams and three stories every issue anything is possible and variety ensures.

Tale One by Peter Wilson does a sterling job of introducing the character Sydris by dropping us into Sydris Con, the convention devoted to our mysterious hero. It seems everyone has an opinion on our ginger-haired, purple-suited hero, but no one seems to be sure if they can agree. With the help of numerous other Aussie artists, we are soon aware that everyone has a perception of Sydris.

Ryan Vella is up next with a black & white nightmare of a story, to which his style is beautifully suited.

Tale three finds Ben Sullivan taking artist duties and any story that features Ben is fine by me.

Filling out the list is the stunning cover art by Lauren Marshall and up the back, has supplied a pin-up in his depicted in his own imitable style.

Sydris Perceptions is a well-produced title that opens up the field of storytelling and inclusion for artists. I think ComX is onto a winner. Sydris Perceptions is the Linux of comics. An open-source superhero to build and evolve as you like.”

– Danny Nolan of Reverie

Sydris: Perceptions is an anthology comic featuring a superhero unburdened by a genre, style, a specific superpower set or decades-long continuity; just the creators’ perception of what makes a superhero, or superhero story, great.

Different stories, different styles, same Sydris.

Created and made in Australia by some of the greatest indie talent working at the moment, available from ComX Studio!